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Hotshots are collated by Jay Burgess

Phone / WhatsApp: 07960 967792

  1. What is a hotshot?
    A separate league recording wins, each win is worth 1 hotshot point. Most of all everyone is playing for fun and to see how you are doing in relation to other players in their division. Hotshots have no bearing on the divisions.
  2. What are we playing for at the end of the season?
    The overall winner of hotshots will receive a trophy at presentation night and possibly have the opportunity to take on the winner of the premiership rankings competition.
  3. How do I enter Hotshots?
    The hotshot will primarily be taken straight from the scorecards. Both captains must sign the scorecard.  Please write out the scorecard clearly and in BLOCK CAPITALS.  Please be consistent with name spellings.  Please do not use a person’s nickname or first name one week and then full name the next week.  I may not know they are the same person.
  4. Where do I send my Hotshots into?
    The address is printed on the back of the scorecard for you.  All you need to do is put a stamp on it and put it in the post box.    Please be aware that if you use scorecards from previous seasons then they may have a different address on the back.  This could result in your hotshots being delayed or not arriving at all. Alternatively there is a box at CSC just inside the door on the left hand side as you walk in.  You can pop them in there as this box will be emptied at least once a week.  To take advantage of the new technology available I will accept photographs of scorecards.  These can either be sent via mobile phone or email or just kept by captains as a back up in case the scorecard does not arrive. A number of cards did not arrive towards the end of last season.  I would recommend all captains photograph the cards as a back up.

    If there is a problem and I do not receive the scorecard for any given match I will contact you four weeks after the fixture has been played. Alternatively you can contact me by the following means; EMAIL: or PHONE: 07771 733427.          
  5. What is the deadline for sending in Hotshots results?
    The table will be continually updated whenever cards are received and I have the time to input them.  However the final deadline is the end of the season.
  6. How will I receive Hotshots tables?
    You will see the hotshots tables by going to the following link.
  7. Points to remember!
    Each team are responsible for sending in their own Hotshots.
    No points are awarded for unplayed matches; cup games or doubles matches won. But most importantly: Enjoy yourselves it's a game!!!